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PRO.EX.’s general identity

The transition to a globalized economy requires innovative ideas and pioneering consulting services.

Pro.Ex. aims at being a reliable and secure solution for the management of systems of quality, Safety & Health of workers at the workplace, with competitive prices and high quality services within a protected and discreet environment of cooperation.

The number of projects that have been materialized and are being materialized in the fields of workers' health and safety at the workplace as well as the quality management systems certifications in almost all areas of business in permanent cooperations with our customers, the scientific training and experience of our staff, are a tool of development and expansion of our clientele.

The Company’s policy

The management of the Company PRO.EX. has adopted and followed a customer-based quality policy and constantly seeks to improve its relations with customers.

This policy aims at the:

  • Consistent implementation of the agreements binding the company.
  • Improvement of the time management of partner visits.
  • Minimization of non-compliance.
  • Continuous enrichment of know-how.
  • Systematic monitoring of legislation.
  • A clear definition of the Customer's requirements.
  • Continuous provision of information on health and safety issues to the Customer.
  • Focus on the constant Information and Training of the company's staff.

PRO.EX. has established measurable indicators and objective conditions for improving Customers' satisfaction.