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Assessment of Safety Measures & Plans

The Assessment of Safety Measures is the preliminary study and design stage of a Safety Program of a building, an undertaking or an infrastructure and aims at a precise evaluation of the existing or applied safety level to demonstrate areas of underperformance and residual percentage of weaknesses, requiring direct treatment in relation to internal and, especially, external dangers that threaten it.

In particular

It examines-studies all three safety pillars:

Physical safety - Electronic Safety and Safety personnel (if any, in terms of knowledge, implementation of safety standards, but also of proficiency-efficiency).

Also, safety procedures, if they are implemented correctly, to what extent, if they cover all possible safety needs, are updated regularly, etc..

Regarding the field of emergency response, it examines all existing measures of reaction/response of the company in an emergency (crisis management), occured by any cause- i.e. fire, earthquake, panic, flood, terrorism, arson, accidents...-) and identifies the problems and their implications.

The ultimate goal is to identify the necessary preventive actions that will help avert/avoid/mitigate any potential danger.


The Company’s policy

The management of the Company PRO.EX. has adopted and followed a customer-based quality policy and constantly seeks to improve its relations with customers.

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