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Special Issues

  • Certification of electrical installation in accordance with the standards of IEC – CENELEC – ELOT

    The company, following the developments and in constant harmony with the legislative changes and the new standards, undertakes electrical installations in accordance with the standards of IEC – CENELEC – ELOT

  • D.P.E. – Declaration of Proper Execution of Electrical Works and Special information form in accordance with P.D.108/2013

Our company, through the network of associates and experienced scientific personnel, is able to track and monitor the smooth and proper execution of electrical works in accordance with P.D. 108/2013

  • Energy Building Certificate (E.B.C.)

The EBC is required for all buildings more than fifty (50) sq.m. (excluding industrial buildings and manufacturing plants, buildings for agricultural uses, workshops, warehouses, gas stations and car parks) in the following cases:

-         since January 9, 2011, for the purchase and sale of buildings, for signing the final contracts and the lease of single buildings (for new leases, not to renew existing ones), as well as after completion of construction of a new building or completion of major renovations in an existing building.

-         since January 9, 2012, for the lease also of parts of single buildings (for new leases, not to renew existing ones) of more than fifty (50) sq.m., of exclusive use as residences and commercial premises, that constitute independent horizontal properties.

  • Energy saving solutions – energy building improvement

Our company, using modern means of monitoring energy consumption and by continuous information on new materials and technologies, is able to carry out an energy-saving study and a technical and economic analysis, always in accordance with the customer's needs.

The Company’s policy

The management of the Company PRO.EX. has adopted and followed a customer-based quality policy and constantly seeks to improve its relations with customers.

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